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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

TM Design Group repositions Rye RSL into a more youthful market and develops exciting new designs to meet the target customers profile.

The Brief from the committee at Rye RSL, was simple. Firstly, they wanted to attract younger patrons and catch holidaymakers in the busy summer months, whilst still safeguarding the loyalty of their current members.

Secondly, they wanted to capitalise on their growing demands for food and beverage, without extending the footprint of the building. And thirdly, their gaming room was overly prominent and centralised within the venue, giving way to a family friendly flow. They wanted to reduce and relocate to rectify this.

TMDG developed an exciting design which introduced an open plan space and large, central bar. Expelling the tradition of private members areas, they used psychology of architectural & visual aids to determine zones for the bistro, sports bar and TAB. They also created pockets of playful, quirky bookable areas which celebrated the local area, and honoured the RSL legacy by creating displays of treasured artefacts and bespoke art installations. The Gaming area made way for a brand-new sports lounge, employing chunky timber sharing tables and plush soft furnishings for a cosy, social area to while away hours.

The Result was amazing, not only did the RSL gain a vibrant, welcoming space that all ages can enjoy. In the first year of trading they also had a 20% increase on food and beverage sales compared to the year before the renovation, as well as a 15% rise in membership patronage. The cabana areas are always the first to be booked out, as they cater for families and parties, making the occupant feel special and exclusive. 30,000 visitors came in, in January 2020 which is a record number of patrons to visit the venue and an increase of 30% on the year before.

"'TMDG is a company with great vision, energy and drive. They offered a progressive insight into what the future of RSL’s could look like and made us feel comfortable during the entire process. Its refreshing to work with people who have a deep knowledge of their market and know exactly what their customers want. I have completed many renovations in my time of managing clubs & ALH venues and this is the best renovation I’ve done or seen. The design has energised our community and secured our position for the future." Adrian Greaney General Manager RYE RSL.

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