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Vegas Waverley Gardens: Projects

The Garden Bar & bistro

Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre

The secret garden on the bottom floor of Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre is the new home to Hawthorn Football Club’s new drinking and dining experience. Warm, inviting & intimate. A palette of soft, earthy pastels and warm, hardy timbers has created a tranquil respite for jaded shoppers. The ceiling feature layered with plants and scintillating light, offers a textured canopy, showering the space in a warm soft glow.
The entries and lobbies have been reshaped, with a third burrowed out from the carpark to bistro, allowing independent access for families to bypass the sports bar and gaming facilities. The new entrance has a refined, contemporary tone, with strong signage and bright pops of colour to entice customers to sample their scrumptious menu. 

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